Cara Membuat Lemongrass tea yang sedap | Resep Lemongrass tea.

Check Out Lemongrass Tea On eBay. Fill Your Cart With Color Today! A cup of lemongrass tea is a go-to alternative remedy for upset stomach, stomach cramping, and other digestive problems.

Lemongrass tea

Overview Information Lemongrass is a plant. The leaves and the oil are used to make medicine. Lemongrass is commonly taken orally, applied directly to the skin, or inhaled as aromatherapy for many. Mau bikin Lemongrass tea menggunakan 4 bahan dan 5 langkah mudah. Langsung saja kita coba buat makanan ini.

Untuk memasak Lemongrass tea kita harus mempersiapkan bahan berikut:

  1. 4 batang besar sereh.
  2. 750 ml air.
  3. Gula merah.
  4. 3 sdm gula pasir.

Lemongrass tea is considered excellent for women's health. It provides relief from hot flashes and helps in reducing menstrual pain due to its soothing effect. Lemongrass tea is known to lower blood sugar levels. Therefore, diabetics should consult their doctor regarding its consumption.

Cara membuat Lemongrass tea


  1. Cuci bersih sereh, potong2, geprek.
  2. Gula merahnya setengah bulatan ini.
  3. Rebus semua bahan sampai mendidih.
  4. Dicuaca dingin enak diminum hangat2, nyaman diperut.
  5. Sisanya masukan botol, dan simpan di kulkas, segar diminum saat cuaca panas.

Lemongrass tea recipe will be your next favorite if you enjoy the fresh lemongrass flavors and if you want to start into a new fresh day. Lemongrass tea is soothing, citrusy, and absolutely delicious. It's not actually tea, since it's made from lemongrass stalks instead of tea leaves, but this herbal beverage is perfect served hot or cold. Even better, it's super easy to. Lemongrass tea is considered to be helpful in calming muscles and nerves that may aid in promoting sleep.