Resep Bajigur (Indonesian Traditional Beverage) yang nikmat | Resep Bajigur (Indonesian Traditional Beverage).

Bajigur is a traditional hot beverage native to the Sundanese people of West Java, Indonesia. The drink is made from coconut milk, Aren sugar, ginger, a little salt, and sometimes pandan leaves or coffee. The traditional drink is especially popular in the highlands of West Java where the temperature is often freezing, as the drink has a natural warming effect from the ingredients.

See this list of all-time favorite traditional Indonesian drinks to accompany your culinary journey in Indonesia: Bajigur. It is made from palm sugar, coconut milk, ginger, and Vanilla essence. Bajigur is served warm and is a perfect mate in a cold, rainy day. Mau masak Bajigur (Indonesian Traditional Beverage) menggunakan 10 bahan dan 4 langkah mudah. Langsung saja kita coba masak makanan ini.

Untuk membuat Bajigur (Indonesian Traditional Beverage) kita harus mempersiapkan bahan berikut:

  1. 175 ml Santan.
  2. 1 sdm Kopi Bubuk (seduh dgn 100 ml air panas).
  3. 800 ml air.
  4. 3 batang Sereh (memarkan).
  5. 1 ruas Jahe (memarkan).
  6. 3 lembar Daun Pandan.
  7. 50 gr gula Palem bubuk (gula jawa).
  8. 2 sdm gula pasir.
  9. 1/4 sdt garam.
  10. 1/4 sdt Kayu Manis bubuk.

The ginger in this drink also can help you to. Nowdays a lot of people from all over the world want to be able to taste various indonesian traditional beverages. Through this video all of you can learn how to make Es Teler and Bajigur, which. Bajigur is a hot and sweet beverage native to the Sundanese people of West Java, Indonesia.

Cara pembuatan Bajigur (Indonesian Traditional Beverage)


  1. Siapkan bahan-bahannya. Seduh kopi dengan air panas, saring..
  2. Masukkan rempah kedalam panci berisi air, masak sampai 1/2 mendidih..
  3. Masukkan santan, kopi dan gula. Masak sampai mendidih, angkat..
  4. Sajikan untuk sarapan bersama Pisang Kukus. Menghadirkan suasana tradisional dirumah, saat weekend..

The main ingredients are coconut milk and sugar. The traditional recipe includes fragrant pandan leaves, but now, artificial vanilla powder is used more often. Here are some of the most popular, traditional Indonesian drinks you're likely to encounter the next time you're in Indonesia. Bajigur, a typical drink from the area of West Java, has a sweet and savoury taste as it is made from coconut milk and palm sugar. The scent has a pinch of pandan leaves.


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