Blueberry Oreo Cheesecake yang enak

Browse For Yummy & Hassle-Free Cheesecake Recipes From Kraft®. A beautiful blackberry and blueberry no bake cheesecake with an oreo base. This cheesecake would be perfect for a celebration there is no cooking and you can make ahead of time.

If storing cheesecake in the fridge for a bit after it's done setting, wait to add the toppings or garnishes, like fresh fruit or chocolate candies until you. This No-Bake Blueberry Cheesecake is very easy to make and super delicious. It comes with a super creamy blueberry filling made with homemade blueberry sauce from scratch and a no-bake Oreo cookie crust. Punya rencana bikin Blueberry Oreo Cheesecake, cuma pake 7 bahan dan 4 langkah mudah. Langsung saja kita coba buat makanan ini.

Untuk membuat Blueberry Oreo Cheesecake beberapa bahan yang harus disiapkan:

  1. 200 gr cream cheese.
  2. 150 gr whipping cream.
  3. 14 keping oreo.
  4. 40 gr margarine yg sudah dicairkan.
  5. 40 gr gula pasir.
  6. Selai blueberry.
  7. Kismis (opsional).

No Bake Blueberry Cheesecake-is super easy and creamy dessert with blueberry cheesecake made with homemade blueberry sauce and Oreo cookie crust. Delicious and cool way to enjoy dessert this summer! Cheesecake is one of my favorite desserts, especially topped with fruit like blueberries. No bake cheesecake is always a great treat.

Cara membuat Blueberry Oreo Cheesecake

  1. Untuk lapisan pertama, bubukan kepingan hitam oreo lalu campur dengan margarine yg sudah di cairkan. Masukkan dalam loyang, ratakan lalu simpan dalam kulkas selama 20 menit.
  2. Untuk lapisan kedua. Aduk cream cheese dengan whisk sampai terlihat menyatu lalu campurkan dengan gula. Dan siapkan whipping cream yg sudah diaduk tersendiri. Campurkan keduanya. Disini ditambahkan kismis sedikit..
  3. Ambil loyang tadi pastikan oreo sudah mengeras lalu tuangkan lapisan kedua hingga merata..
  4. Lapisan ketiga tuangkan dan ratakan selai blueberry. Lalu masukan ke dalam kulkas semalaman..

This tasty no bake blueberry cheesecake is made from scratch and without any gelatin. It's made with Oreo cookie crust, blueberry cream cheese layer and fresh blueberries. This is a small-batch cheesecake recipe, but it can be easily doubled, if needed. Using a small spoon, dollop a small amount of blueberry preserves into the center of each cheesecake. Use a toothpick (or a small skewer) to swirl.


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