Resep Red Velvet Cake ala cafe simple, mudah, yummy yang enak

#belajarbaking Cara menghias red velvet cake Cara mudah Menghias Cake red velvet ala cafe 😁😋. There are many red velvet cake recipes but this one is really most popular, awesome, easy & great. This moist and delicious red velvet cake is impossible to resist!

This recipe is from the “Cake Mix Doctor” book. The book is authored by Anne Bryn. Very quick and simple to make. Punya rencana bikin Red Velvet Cake ala cafe simple, mudah, yummy, cuma pake 13 bahan dan 6 langkah mudah. Langsung saja kita coba masak hidangan ini.

Untuk membuat Red Velvet Cake ala cafe simple, mudah, yummy beberapa bahan yang harus disiapkan:

  1. Bahan Basah.
  2. 350 ml minyak sayur.
  3. 250 ml susu cair.
  4. 2 butir telur.
  5. 2 sdt cuka.
  6. 2,1 /4 sdm pewarna merah tua.
  7. 1 sdt vanilla cair.
  8. Bahan Kering.
  9. 300 gr tepung terigu protein rendah.
  10. 3/4 sdt baking powder.
  11. 3/4 sdt baking soda.
  12. 240 gr gula pasir.
  13. 25 gr coklat bubuk.

This is BEST Red Velvet Cake recipe EVER is the recipe my mom used. It's soft, moist and tender, with the perfect red velvet flavor! My mom would always make this velvet red cake cake from scratch on Christmas when I was growing up. I never really thought too much about it, except that it.

Cara membuat Red Velvet Cake ala cafe simple, mudah, yummy

  1. Metode: bahan basah + bahan kering.
  2. Campur semua bahan basah kedalam wadah, lalu aduk sampai rata.
  3. Campur semua bahan kering ke dalam wadah berbeda, jangan lupa untuk di ayak. Aduk sampai rata.
  4. Masukkan campuran bahan basah sedikit-demi sedikit ke dalam wadah bahan kering. Aduk sampai rata.
  5. Masukkan adonan ke dalam loyang yang sudah dialasi kertas roti (harus dialasi agar tidak menempel saat dikeluarkan).Saya memakai 2 loyang persegi 24cm. Panggang ke dalam oven dengan suhu 180°C selama 35-40 menit (setiap oven bisa berbeda, bisa sambil di cek melalui kaca oven ya).
  6. Setelah matang, keluarkan kue, lalu hias sesuai selera. Kalau saya memakai butter cream :)..

Hi ,Red velvet cake looks yummy.iam.baking this for my nephew's birthday. I will have to travel an hour to reach his place.will the cream cheese frosting melt if it's kept outside for an hour? Also planning to use butter it should be okay for a day right? A batch of red velvet cupcakes make for a great dessert, snack, or homemade gift! Watch this video to learn how to make it.


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