Basque Burnt Cheesecake yang enak

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This cheesecake is the alter ego to the classic New York-style cheesecake with a press-in cookie crust. Inspired by a Basque version, this is the cheesecake that wants to get burnt, cracked, and. A simple cheesecake that is the opposite of what you would imagine the perfect cheesecake to be.

Now it even has its own hashtag on Instagram! This easy burnt Basque cheesecake recipe comes from the Devour Tours. This burnt basque cheesecake originates in Basque Country (hence the name). Punya rencana bikin Basque Burnt Cheesecake, cuma pake 9 bahan dan 5 langkah mudah. Langsung saja kita coba masak hidangan ini.

Untuk memasak Basque Burnt Cheesecake beberapa bahan yang harus disiapkan:

  1. 455 gram cream cheese suhu ruang.
  2. 120 gram gula pasir.
  3. 3 butir telur suhu ruang.
  4. 2 sendok teh air lemon.
  5. 35 gram tepung terigu protein tinggi.
  6. 340 mili whip cream.
  7. 1/2 sendok teh vanili bubuk.
  8. 1/2 sendok teh garam.
  9. 2 sendok makan butter untuk olesan.

It's a crustless cheesecake that's starting to become a trend in the US. The cheesecake is baked at a high. WIth a burnt top and custardy center, this Basque Cheesecake recipe comes together from a With a caramelized top that borders on burnt and a jiggly custardy center, Basque Cheesecake is a. Basque burnt cheesecakes are well known to be the easiest cheesecake to make.

Cara pembuatan Basque Burnt Cheesecake

  1. Olesi loyang bulat 20cm dengan butter, lapisi dengan baking paper (lebihin banyak ya soalnya bakalan meninggi adonannya). Oles paper dengan butter lagi, lalu tumpuk satu baking paper lagi di atasnya. Pastikan antar paper menempel ya. Oleskan butter lagi di baking paper teratas..
  2. Mixer dengan kecepatan sedang butter dan gula pasir hingga lembut. Masukkan telur satu per satu. Telur, mixer lagi, telur, mixer, telur. Lalu air lemon..
  3. Masukkan tepung sambil diayak. Tambahkan garam dan vanili. Mixer dengan kecepatan rendah atau cukup aduk dengan spatula..
  4. Masukkan ke dalam loyang. Panggang suhu 200 (nyalakan oven terlebih dahulu di suhu 250 selama 10 menit) selama 30 menit sampai permukaan atas kue gosong. Jangan khawatir over baked ya..
  5. Matikan oven, diamkan di dalam oven selama 10 menit. Biarkan di suhu ruang, lalu masukkan ke kulkas minimal 3 jam sampai cream cheese-nya nge-set atau solid. Potong-potong dan sajikan dingin..

The unmistakable unique looking Basque Burnt Cheesecake with its deeply caramelised top that challenges the concept of the perfect baked cheesecake has been on my mind for some time ever. It is a crustless cheesecake that is cooked at very high heat. It doesn't need much time to cool and it doesn't matter if the surface cracks and gets browned. This “burnt” Basque cheesecake is one of the rare trendy recipes that I'm actually posting while it's still trendy. I usually wait like three or four years, and by that time people have lost interest.

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