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The Black Forest (German: Schwarzwald, pronounced [ˈʃvaʁtsvalt]) is a large, forested mountain range in the state of Baden-Württemberg in southwest Germany. It is bounded by the Rhine valley to the west and south. A man nicknamed “Black Forest Rambo” has been arrested in Germany's southwest Black Forest region after five days on the run, Baten-Wurttemberg police said Friday.

Skiing, hiking, mountain climbing, boating and ice-skating are popular activities. As deep, dark and delicious as its famous cherry gateau, the Black Forest gets its name from its canopy of evergreens. With deeply carved valleys, thick woodlands, luscious meadows, stout timber farmhouses and wispy waterfalls, it looks freshly minted for a kids' bedtime story. Punya rencana bikin Blackforest, cuma pake 11 bahan dan 10 langkah mudah. Langsung saja kita coba masak hidangan ini.

Untuk membuat Blackforest beberapa bahan yang harus disiapkan:

  1. 4 btr telur.
  2. 50 gr tepung segitiga biru.
  3. 110 gr gula pasir.
  4. 30 gr bubuk coklat.
  5. 20 gr tepung maizena.
  6. 1 sdm susu bubuk(dancow).
  7. 65 gr mentega d cairkan.
  8. 50 gr coklat blok yg dcairkan.
  9. 1 sdt sp.
  10. Selai trobery.
  11. Batter cream.

Black Forest, mountain region, Baden-Wurttemberg state, southwestern Germany, source of the Danube and Neckar rivers. Black Forest Decor is committed to providing you the best in cabin lighting for your complete Cabin Decor satisfaction. Find an extensive array of rustic chandeliers, wildlife wall sconces and rustic lamps. Rothaus All Rothaus Radler Pils Hefeweizen Märzen Maidle Alcohol-free Pils Alcohol-free Hefeweizen.

Proses pembuatan Blackforest

  1. Kita masukan gula,telur dan sp….trus d mixer dg kecepatan tinggi.
  2. Setelah mengembang ato putih berjejak…kita masukan tepung.maizena.susu bubuk dan coklat bubuk…kita aduk dg kecepan paling rendah.
  3. Setelah tercampur kita masukan coklat blok yg sudah d cairkan td…kemudian mentega cairnya jg….kita aduk menggunakan spatula ato mixer dg kec rendah…tp sebntr saja….
  4. Setelah itu masukan k loyang bulat ukr 18.. Yg sblm nya sudah d olesi mentega n dtaburi tepung….agar tdk lengket klo sudah matang..
  5. Masukan adonan tadi k dlm oven yg sblm nya sudah d panasi ya….panggang d api kecill….
  6. Cek kmatangan dg dtusuk menggunakan tusukan sate…klo sudah matang keluarkan dr oven….
  7. Stelah dingin..belah kue menjadi 2…olesi slh satu permukaan kue dg batter cream…dratakan…kemudian kasih selai strobery…setelah rata taruh bagian yg satunya d atas kue td..
  8. Kemudian.olesi semua permukaan kue d battercream…sebelum d tuangi cklot blok yg sudah d cairkan.
  9. Setelah d kasih coklat cair…kita masukan k lemari pendingin….
  10. Setelah itu kue siap d hias sesuai keinginan kita.

At Black Forest Industries we not only manufacture performance parts for your VW / Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Porsche, and Mini but we also provide maintenance repair services as well. Our Cary / Raleigh location has skilled mechanics that keep your car running like a top or add significant horsepower! The Black Forest gets its name from the oppressive canopy of evergreens looming above the forest floor. Home to elaborate cuckoo clocks, striking half-timbered houses, ruined castles and quaint towns, the Black Forest is a magical land full of cultural traditions. Here's our guide to some of the most beautiful spots in the area. “Black Forest is a great place to live and raise your family and animals.


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