Resep Cloud Bread dengan Homemade Cream Cheese

Resep Cloud Bread dengan Homemade Cream Cheese . Assalamu'alaikum,,, teman-teman, Hari ini sy membuat Korean garlic bread dengan cream cheese homemade simple dan pastinya bahannya mudah didapat ya. Cloud bread is basically eggs, something creamy (such as cream cheese), salt, and a leavening agent. I usually make it with plain, full-fat Greek yogurt, because this is an ingredient that I always have on hand.

These airy cloud breads can be transformed into anything your heart desires – from mini pizza to a BLT sandwich. While the original version includes cream cheese Spread cloud bread with butter and strawberry chia jam for a sweet breakfast or top with your favorite pizza toppings for an Italian twist. Made of eggs, cream cheese, baking powder, and different flavorings, cloud bread can be used in a variety of bread-substituting ways that won't break the nutritional Cloud bread fits into most diets with low-carb or no-carb restrictions, as well as diets that have high-protein and high-fat guidelines. Punya rencana bikin Cloud Bread dengan Homemade Cream Cheese menggunakan 9 bahan dan 6 langkah mudah. Yuk kita coba masak hidangan.

Bahan yang dibutuhkan: Cloud Bread dengan Homemade Cream Cheese

  1. 3 butir Kuning Telur.
  2. 3 butir Putih Telur.
  3. 1/4 tsp Cream of Tartar.
  4. Bahan Homemade Cream Cheese :.
  5. 200 gr Keju Chedar.
  6. 125 ml Susu Cair.
  7. 1 tbsp Tepung Maizena.
  8. Topping :.
  9. Secukupnya Cokelat filling.

Cloud Bread Haiku: "Just three items wow! This recipe for Homemade Cream Cheese is an easy recipe to make. Cream cheese is delicious as a spread on crackers, bread and also for making cheesecake. You can also flavor this to your taste.

Berikut Cara Membuat Cloud Bread dengan Homemade Cream Cheese


  1. Membuat Homemade Cream Cheese : Parut keju. Kemudian tambahkan susu cair. Blender hingga bahan halus dan tercampur rata. Tambahkan tepung maizena. Panaskan dengan api kecil hingga bahan mengental. Matikan api. Dinginkan suhu ruang. Sisihkan..
  2. Pisahkan putih dan kuning telur. Tambahkan 3 tbsp cream cheese kedalam mangkuk kuning telur. Sisihkan sementara..
  3. Panaskan oven. Siapkan loyang. Lapisi loyang menggunakan kertas roti..
  4. Kocok putih telur menggunakan mixer dengan kecepatan tinggi. Tambahkan cream of tartar. Kocok hingga kaku dan berjejak..
  5. Tuang adonan putih telur kedalam kuning telur menggunakan spatula secara bertahap. Campur hingga rata. Masukkan kedalam plastik segitiga. Semprot kedalam loyang yang sudab dilapisi kertas roti..
  6. Panggang selama kurang lebih 20-25 menit hingga kuning keemasan dengan api sedang. Angkat. Lepaskan dari kertas roti. Olesi dengan coklat filling. Tumpuk dua. Cloud bread siap disantap..

These are my favorites for flavoring the cream cheese: black pepper, finely chopped ginger, finely. Making homemade cream cheese can be done. You only need half and half and a special culture that is sold in stores. Making homemade cream cheese came about because one year I decided to cook a dish every week that included one specific ingredient, and for that ingredient, I chose cream cheese. When it comes to making your own Homemade Cream Cheese there are a few special tips that Banana and Chocolate is a taste match made in heaven and this Bread is moist and delicious and totally addictive.

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